Sunday, July 11, 2010


Solving the world’s number 1 problem considered being the “vicious societal illness” – poverty, is indeed a quite difficult task to do. Everybody wants to solve it but nobody becomes successful. This is perhaps the challenged that CARD MRI is bearing deeply in its pursuit of resolving problem on poverty. Using Microfinance as a powerful tool in poverty alleviation, CARD becomes successful in so many ways and contributed much on the upliftment from the enigma of poverty of the Filipino people. In almost 24 years of existence, a lot of significant changes that CARD brings to its clients. From a simple package of loans now a most promising SME loans awaits to clients. From the risk-saver MMF now is the one of a kind insurance packages not just to members but also to their loving beneficiaries. From a conceptual support to entrepreneur now is a real business development that caters on marketing and developing the member’s prime products and commodities and from the full desire of serving the Filipino poor, CARD is now addressing also the needs of other foreign poor country’s to resolve their problem on poverty.
CARD, during its Mid-year planning devote itself to serve more than 1.4 million clients for the remaining six months of operation this 2010. Thus the vital goal for 2020 CONEXINE 5 MILLION was also presented. Everybody were tasked by the beloved boss to become a great warrior that cannot be easily subjugated by any challenges. A warrior in a battle for poverty not just in the Philippines but around the globe.

Everybody were so inspired by the words of encouragement and commitment of the beloved boss that despite the good offer to him to head the large government department-DA, He refused to the offer and devote himself to concentrate on CARD. The 3 days planning has been concluded with an inspiring words of the Boss as he announce the release of another good news-important blessings to all staffs.

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