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At first I am not interested in any web activities though personally I find it interesting and very informative but still it’s not on my top list of priority to do. I started blogging through the influence of my good friend who is now one of the famous blogger Traveling Morion. He just showed me up of his famous post and asking my opinion on some of his literary piece that he is about to post as blog works. Eventually when things are becoming closer among us when we are having some hard times, we both noticed that blogging activity actually relieves us and freed us from stressful experience and it became our outlet. It was then that I created my first blog but with very awkward url.  After a couple of years I changed it to my current travel blog Simple Tripper.

Simple tripper is the way I described myself for the fact that it’s not actually a pure purpose of going to trip for blogging. I travel not to satisfy or show some post on places that I have been. I travel not of any dictations and influences of some. I travel because I love to travel for myself and discover some facts and places and taste the beautiful culture, foods and spots of the 7,101 island of the Philippines. The fact that I am in a place of my interest is actually a satisfying moment for myself plus savoring it by getting familiar of places’ history and culture and the things that makes the place famous or the other facts that the place has to offer.

I am blessed indeed that my activities as a development worker helped me a lot in developing my blogging habit and fortunately discover some ways to improve my blog. I am not aspiring that my blog be included in a list of top of the line blogs. I just greatly desire that I could contribute and can connect to the world the pieces that I got from my travel. It is as simple as of this objective that I renamed my blog and happily to be regarded as Simple Tripper, taking simple things from travel with great meaning and significance for life.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Simple Tripper

I am Larry-Jun Bongat Barcoma, known in a blogging society as Simple Tripper. I am a bikolano from Tabaco City, Albay currently engaged in activity as development worker of one of the well known NGO in the country and in Southeast Asia.

People whom I got in touched with know me as a serious person and they might be true in some sense. I am a blogger since 2010 and my blog is about travel diaries, collection of documentaries and a compilation of shared moments of life in work, travel and adventure. Being a member of many blogging societies and group writers enable me to spread out my contributions to the world related to documentaries about the places that I traveled.

For those who wish to get in touch with me I can be reach through my email: ljbarcoma@yahoo.com, Facebook: Larry Barcoma, FBPage: Simple Tripper and on my mobile (available thru my email).   

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