Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thakhek City, Khammouane Province, Lao P.D.R: the Place, the Foods, the People

Thakhek is the Capital of Khammouane Province of Lao P.D.R. located in the mid-south of Laos which is about 370km down the Mekong River from Vientiane and 350 km from Vientiane capital by land trip. Thakhek is positioned halfway on the road to Champasak Province and the Cambodian Border. Many tourists are love to visit this lovely City because of its ideal location and being home of most preserved tourists spot and historical attraction in Lao. People who love mountain sports usually visit Thakhek because thakhek is the best place for rock climbing sports in Pha Tam Kham which is just at the backside of Xiengliab Cave-12 kilometers away from Thakhek proper.  Another reason why Thakhek has been the most visited tourist place in Lao is its distance and access to Thailand and Cambodia border.

Historically, Thakhek literally means “welcome Guests”. During the French occupation in Laos Thakhek has been the major administrative and trading outpost that is why until now Thakhek is still rich in splendid, though dilapidated, colonial building. Its physical atmosphere is indeed a preserved culture being home to many huge old tress that gives shade to broad avenues in the entire Thakhek.

People in Thakhek are very kind and hospitable. They are maintaining the old Lao tradition of showing respects and hospitality to every visitors coming in their place.  

With regards to foods, due to some other races that is present now in Thakhek, several choices of both Lao and foreign foods are available. There is a common street in Thakhek wherein food vendors display their stocks daily and the street happen to be an open restaurant for both Thakhek residents and tourists. This is the Singkapore Sikhotchounlamany street where mostly of the available exotic foods in the area are also exhibited.

The Most inn exotic foods:

I’ve been in Thakhek for a couple of days during my stay in Lao P.D.R extending technical assistance to partner organizations.

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