Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DOTS OF TRAVEL 2013: Pinoy Taste Kalderetang Kambing

One of the best Pinoy dish commonly serves for occasions such as fiestas, birthdays, and other parties. This is also a perfect pulutan or appetizer. Unlike to other kaldereta or (Caldereta), The Kalderetang Kambing requires some extra effort in preparation.  This is because the goat meat is gamey and it needs to eliminate the odor and gamey flavor by marinating it in vinegar, salt and ground pepper mixture for a minimum of an hour before cooking to best experience its delicious taste.
To really satisfy the delicious goat meat it has to be sure that the meat should be from a Chevon or the adult goat because it is believed that adult goat meat is so tastier than of the young ones. Goat meat is believed to be fewer calories, less fat and cholesterol than of any other meat. This is perhaps why kalderetang kambing is loved by many.
Kalderetang kambing is commonly find in Filipino restaurant or even more available in local food shop or “turo-turo”.

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