Saturday, August 4, 2012

ISLAND HOPPING: Enjoying the Natural Wonders of Nature.

I had a chance to explore Camotes Island for the second time around. This time was quite exciting and felt so lucky to be joined by some of my adventurous staffs. We planned that trip to explore some loop part of the Island (which I was not able to explore before) especially that we were informed of the newest Island attractions- the newly discovered cave, beaches and sea attractions and some exciting historical places in the 3 major Municipalities of Camotes. It was indeed an Island hopping experience to enjoy the natural wonders of nature in the Island of Camotes-the place of no return.
We depart from Danao City port at 5:00pm boarded at M/V Jumalia Ferry, the only means of sea travel going to Consuelo-a barangay wharf in the Municipality of San Francisco. After more than 2 hours sea travel, delicious sea foods relieve our tired bodies as it was served to us by local staffs. We ate; we took rest and spent the first night all together after planning the very first activity and destinations for the next day.
First destination as agreed is San Francisco Municipality strolling along the Baywalk, taking breath at the renowned Cota Park, sightseeing at Mangrove Forest-all are SanFran newest pride.

We also had a chance to room around Poro Municipality and check the humble nature of Poro being the center of the Island. The place is indeed a quite resting place, preserved as it is with very friendly and accommodating people. Here I see for the first time an amazing lodging house. Amazing because it really far of what I can imagine as a lodging house knowing also that tourist when finding place to rest they look for extravagant and comfortable one. But this time I see a different kind of lodging house to which one of my company told me that it was haunted house. However the physical structure is justified by the excellent services of lodge crews and their way of accepting guests.

Our next day activity coincide with the day of Saint John the Baptist day so everybody excitedly went for swimming and visiting the newly developed cave in Tudela Municipality, the Bukilat cave. 

As usual, we pay homage to one of the oldest church in Cebu founded by the Spaniards way back 1847. We are privileged also to taste the pride product of Tudela Municipality, an export quality Cookies made from real Cassava locally developed in the place. It was the best food that entertains tourist who are visiting the cave as part of the tourism promotion of the Municipality of Tudela.
For those who are looking a place of great adventure and Island hopping experience,Camotes Island is a nice place to visit.

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