Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reviewing Plan:Revisiting Bohol

June 15-16 was the date of Midyear Pre-planning of the Visayas 2- A and B region. It was held in Bohol, at Villa Alzhun, Tagbilaran Bohol to be exact. It was a stressful planning but an awesome experience, another phenomenal discovery of the beauty of nature. The good ambiance of the venue drives us to make everything in our plan possible and viable as we foreseen another 6 months chapter of our operations.

Boarded at the Famous Fast Craft-Ocean jet from Cebu, Pier-1, we arrive at the venue at around 8:39 in the evening of June 14. We enjoyed the best specialty of the host restaurant: sea foods and native dishes which where happen to be the first meal we took up as our dinner.

Beautiful and amazing nature-views just at the back of the floating reception hall of Villa Alzhun caught our attention and become the subject of our interest thus help us materialize the figure of our target for the remaining months of our operation.

We leave Tagbilaran port late afternoon of June 16 going back to Cebu. We were able to witness the beauty of transition points of days to nights while we are on our way boarded at ocean jet. A very good pick up of DUSK as it appear getting dimmer yet perceivable.

Some pose and good views were happened to be the best subject we took up while we are on our way as we view the beautiful Bohol province and some good parts of Tagbilaran City.

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