Monday, October 26, 2009



“In every definition of a successful life must always include service to others..”

I’ve been working in one of the biggest microfinance institution in ASIA for almost four years. The nature of the works entails direct exposure with the women clientele living below the poverty line.
Difficulties are indeed part of the job. Taking sleep very late in the evening, Extending office hours due to call of duty, Imposing social pressure, encountering different kinds of people whose ideologies are far beyond the institution's beliefs, facing repayment problems, living in contrast with the peers perception and a lot others.CARD job also means being assigned to a place which is beyond your choice, but dedication sways you there. These are just few examples of what we call a “natural agony” while in Card. “Natural” because these are form parts of the job, “agony” in the sense that nobody wants it to happen yet it comes constantly. Despite of these, life in CARD still have to go on, all for the reason of service. Once I asked one of my staff when we were together in a difficult branch, “why resigning is not among your choices despite our condition?” She just gave me a glimpse of smile as her answer. Then I asked the same to myself, I just nodded my head and the reasons came clear.
Life in Card is not a job despite the contract. It is neither a sacrifice despite the hardships nor a joke despite the giddy times. Life with CARD is more on a mission being done, a call of service being undertaken, and a promising professional- destiny being worked out. I recalled all struggles I have met when I was neophyte in this job and they affirmed the reasons all the more. My presence, in fact, everyone’s presence is important to other people.
CARD vision is for the poorest among the poor; giving hope in dire need, bringing wisdom in bleakness, and providing alternative amidst fiscal struggles of many. These visions cannot be realized without the grace and willingness of every staff. Benefits and salaries are never enough to compensate one’s hard experiences while in encounter with the members. True enough that allowances and some remunerations cannot bridge the distant gap from families of those assigned far from their homes. Everything happens for the members. Whenever I see them smiling at me with their eyes glittering in satisfaction to the services we give, I feel relieved from heavy works. These and a lot more reasons to make me stay and enjoy my work, but ultimately, I found the realizations of my own visions in Card. The vision of serving the poor and the needy. The vision of living simple with the people. In foregoing my mission as a priest, I know enough that my mission stands still by joining Card in its pursuit to uplift the life of the people. And this gives me more than enough reasons to be grateful.

Participants on the Management training with Dr. Ike Navarro the CMDI Institute Director.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


A week later after the tragedy in metro manila brought by typhoon ONDOY, I browse in the net and my attention was focused on this clip. I really cant imagine how this traumatic scenario came into reality. I usually imagined metro manila as somewhere that people may find joy and entertainment yet after that faith-loosing event, it’s somewhat a hell for the many whose experiences are sudden enough.
News had been squandered about what most of the victims had been passing through. But the most empathetic and attention-seeking move that most people did are the spirit of good being shared through DAMAYAN. Several countries of the world has even have a little share of how to send their sympathy to affected Filipinos even by sending a little help and through prayers. This is only a real fact that we as human beings, connected altogether in times of trouble.
Several shows in the televisions here and abroad are portraying acts of sympathy, some through campaign for donations and the like. It’s really worthwhile to see that such practice is still inplace.
Many have questioned the intervention of the divine presence in that scenario. Some even wondered that what had happened is a divine will for the people to realize their sins and to go back to God. But the most catching argument is that, do we really need those fortuitous events to happen just for us to practice the sense of sharing and helping others? Do we really need to suffer hardship before we realize our faults and live with God? Answers to these reflected questions are in our mind already. As a true Samaritan and a good human being, let us just be true enough to what we ought to be as a good Christians. Let our spirit always alive predestined to help even without tragedy, let our thoughts always centered to God no matter how good our living environment would be.
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