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LAO, PDR is the former Laos, although it is mostly called by many as Laos until now but some years ago way back 1975, the Laos country was changed to People’s Democratic Republic of Lao or simply Lao PDR. Historically, the word “LAOS is an abbreviation of the French Les Laos, the plural of Lao and was coined by the French in 1893 when they united and ruled over three small kingdoms of Les Laos-the Lao people. It is noted that French has a significant impact in Laos and its people because it has a participation in the country’s political history.
Lao is situated in the Southeast of Asia positioned in the Northeast of Thailand and West of Vietnam. Its land size according to the most recent available records in history is about 236,800 square kilometres with a population of 6, 834, 942. I happened to visit Lao and some of its provinces during my short period of assignment as Technical Consultant to some of MFI partners.
Literally means victory gate or gate of triumph is formerly the Anousavary Monument.  This was built in memory of Laotian soldiers who died in the battle against France. In vernacular, “Patuu” or ‘patu’ means gateway or gate, and “xai” means victory or triumph. Accordingly, this monument has historical representations: the five towers represent the Five principles of coexistence among nations of the world as well as the five Buddhist principles; thoughtful amiability, flexibility, honesty, honour and prosperity. Patuxai is located along the grand Lang Xang Avenue, Vientiane City.

                                 THE WHITE HOUSE, OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER

That Luang Stupa:
That luang Stupa is one of the most important figure of Laos. It represents both the Buddhist religion in Cambodia and the souverignity of Lao. That Luang Stupa was built in 1956 and houses the biggiest event  for budhism-the That luang festival. That Luang Festival is celebrated very full moon of November according to Buddhist belief. This celebrated in for seven days and nights continuously where numbers of monks are gathered together to recive alms and floral motives.

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