Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PRONY: The Python...

Prony: the most visited being in Albor, Bohol. Being not as human but as a Python. Yes! It’s a Python named PRONY which is almost 500 meters in length now and keep on growing bigger and longer due to the extra ordinary care by its ‘becoming-rich’ private caretaker. For every tourist who came to discover Bohol, Prony is included in the package to see. As a fact, Prony gets a steady line of visitor daily and is earning well because before you can see Prony, P5 entrance is required and extra charge if you wish to get inside the cage. Marimar- a Gay partner of Prony is performing show to visitors and keeping the guests informed about Prony’s history like Prony’s favourite usual food –a one whole live Pig making Pronys excellent growth faster and keeping longer. Prony is joined by some cared animals which are no longer common in the local nature.

                               Prony's skin turned into decorative under wear for display.

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