Wednesday, August 10, 2011


A home of historical facts and one of the Philippine tourist capital site; this is how Bohol province is described by many. As  another provincial component of Central Visayas Bohol has been famous   due to some major Philippine historical sites hosted in this province which are even presented in learning books like, the historical blood compact, house of the Philippine tarsier, the Godly designed Chocolate hills and many other.
Bohol is  unique from among the provinces of Visayas because of its observance of annual festivities. From the 12 months of the year, month of May is very significant for Boholano’s because it is considered as festive month in almost all Municipalities of Bohol. Not a single day will pass without a fiesta somewhere on the island during May.
                                                              THE FAMOUS CHOCOLATE HILLS

                                                       THE PHILIPPINE TARSIER
                                                         SAGBAYAN PEAK

                                                      MAN MADE FOREST at Bilar, Bohol

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